How to secure your personal data

To protect online data, you need to secure your devices and connect only to reliable networks. We have already talked about some tools that will help you with this, including a password manager. And now we will tell you how else you can protect your personal information from hackers.

Enable two-factor authentication in your accounts. For example, in PayPal, SMS confirmation is required for each transaction. Other systems use biometric markers (fingerprints, various patterns) or even physical key rings and electronic keys for double verification.

Don’t download unofficial apps to your smartphone – use the App Store or Google Play.

Give mobile apps access to smartphone functions with caution. If a text editor requests access to your camera and microphone, your location data, in–app purchases and your Google account – think carefully.

Delete programs and applications that you no longer use.

Disable “run as administrator” on all your devices, do not hack your smartphone and do not install unauthorized firmware on it. Then, even if a hacker gets access to one of your applications, he will still not be able to gain control of the device, change its settings and install his own software on it.

Update the software regularly. Hackers are constantly finding new weaknesses in outdated software and old versions of operating systems.

Disable the autofill function. It saves time, but if it’s convenient for you, then it’s also convenient for hackers. All the substituted data must be stored somewhere, for example in your browser folder. It is there that the hacker will first of all look for your name, address, phone number and other key data that he will use to his advantage.

To perform particularly important operations, use VPN or private mode.

People are constantly losing their smartphones, And pickpockets are also very fond of them. Do not be lazy to turn on the screen lock and, as we have already advised, install a program to delete data in case of loss of the device.

Come up with a new name and a strong password for your router. A new password using WPA authentication will help you to some extent protect your router from hacking. But why change the username? It’s simple: most often you can use it to find out the type of router or network to which it is connected. Therefore, come up with another name (preferably not your own) to deprive hackers of such valuable information for them.

Don’t forget to log out! After completing work in your account, do not forget to log out of it. By ignoring this rule, you expose your data to a high risk of compromise. Fortunately, nowadays most online banking services terminate the session if the client has not performed any actions for some time. But the biggest danger lies in social networks.


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